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Borderless Musical Beach Party

日期 : 2008年9月5日 – 7日

地点 : 乐浪沙滩度假村(Redang Beach Resort)

主办单位 : 乐酱社团(Music Source Entertainment)

联办单位 :大宝娱乐, ET Hub, MK Edutainment

宗旨 : 1) 为所有音乐爱好者提供一个展现表演才华的平台。

2) 集合海内外的主流与非主流音乐人,一起来作音乐的交流与切磋,以增进彼 此的联系,达到团结音乐人的目的。

3)鼓吹原创音乐风,令更多拥有音乐潜能的人,可以发挥他们的创作才华与自 我风格。


乐酱社团是由大宝娱乐与MK Edutainment两位主脑 – 陈川珲与俊田老师所创办的非盈利组织。联合其他热爱音乐的人士,本着一颗对音乐炽热的心,乐酱社团将致力举办各项音乐活动,用心打造的音乐文化,为音乐领域出一份力。


Date : 5th – 7th September 2008

Venue : Redang Beach Resort

Main organizer : Music Source Society

Co-organizer : DA Pro Entertainment, ET Hub, MK Edutainment

Objectives : 1) To provide a platform for all music lovers to unleash their music talents.

2) To gather round the Local / Oversea mainstream and underground musicians, and provide them an opportunity to interact and exchange music knowledge with each other.

3) To support the original creations of the local musicians, thus encourage them to be persistent with their music identities and to constantly strive for a higher realm in this industry.


Music Source Entertainment is a non-profit organization formed by the chiefs of DA Pro Entertainment and MK Edutainment. Calling upon all the music lovers, the mission of Music Source Entertainment is to organize a variety of music activities from time to time; to encourage the participation from all music lovers and exchange of music values. Music Source Entertainment is very much passionate to uphold the unique cultures and identities of the local musicians. It is ever ready to contribute in this industry with its strong determination to push the local music creations to the next level.

Furthermore, Music Source Entertainment aims to establish a musical fund in the near future. This is to provide monetary support to those music lovers who are impeded to releasing their own albums due to financial constraints. Thus the vision of Music Source Entertainment is to make every music lover’s dream comes true.



巴士(BUS) RM 638
RM 498
自备交通 (OWN TRANSPORT) RM 498 RM 398

*费用包括吉隆坡与瓜拉登嘉楼的来回巴士,住宿,饮食,船票,保险,T-恤,活动经费(不包括潜水用具). Price is inclusive of bus round trip, accommodation, 3 daily meals, ferry tickets, insurance, t-shirts and activities charges (snorkeling and diving instruments is NON –inclusive).

*双人房只限9间。先到先得。Twin sharing rooms are limited to NINE (9) rooms ONLY and is given on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS.

*巴士集合地点PETALING JAYA ARMADA HOTEL,9月4日,晚上10.00pm。自备交通人士,必须于9月5日早上7.00am在瓜拉登嘉娄码头集合。Bus will depart from PETALING JAYA, ARMADA HOTEL, 4th September 2008 at 10:00pm. Those with self transport MUST reach Kuala Terengganu PORT on 5th September 2008 at 7:00am sharp.

P/S: 报名截止日期 8/8/08,名额有限,报名从速,先到先得。请自备药物,沙滩装,与潜水用具(可以另租) 。洽询请联络 Ms Lee 017-3083334,Ben 012-3401594 或03-42972599,或电邮

P/S: Registration end date on 8th August 2008. Limited space and availability is based on first come first serve. Please prepare your own medicines, beach wears and snorkeling/ diving equipments (rental is available). For further information, please contact Ms. Lee (017-3083334), Ben (012-3401594), general line (03-42972599) or mail us at

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